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Hello to all – This is me.

My name is Tony Bushell and although i now live in The Philippines i originate from the UK.

I was born in Widnes, which is about ten miles outside of Liverpool. 1954 seems a long time ago but that is my year of birth!

I lived in Widnes until i was 19, i then moved with my parents and brothers to Bournemouth on tbe south coast of England. I lived there for 41 years until 2015 – when i moved to Bacolod in the Visayas region of The Philippines.

I am happy here now with my partner Maria and her daughter Celine.

I usually have an opinion or two about something or other and quite a few of my friends have suggested starting a blog. I must admit the idea appealed to me even though i had no idea how to go about starting one. Now, it is up and running i am good to go as they say. A few tips from a friend have helped so hopefully my blog will be of interest to as many people as possible.

My aim is to cover my interests, which are quite varied and not to get too “heavy” with my posts.

I love sport, particularly Football (soccer), cricket and rugby league – but i like other sports and perhaps will give a mention to those sports.

I have always liked music – any kind really, but i have to say that Northern Soul and Motown are the music i like most. Of course they will be a big feature of my posts but i am determined to include other genres of music as that mirrors my own personal tastes.

Contributions are welcomed, your comments are encouraging and make it all worthwhile, so see you all here soon.