Few northern soul records have the effect of the first couple of bars of this song. As soon as it begins – everyone knows what the tune is – whoops of delight and beaming faces welcome this record onto the dancefloor.

Billy Butler was born William E Butler in June 1945 in Chicago. He was the younger brother of soul music great Jerry Butler. His career was peaking in the 1960′ and early 1970’s. He formed The Enchanters whilst at high school and they were a good singing group in the traditions of the early 60’s.


He began recording for the Okeh label in 1963 with his early records being produced by soul legend Curtis Mayfield. Those early recordings were backed by The Chanters – a renamed version of The Enchanters. Butler had a big hit record in 1965 with ” I can’t work no longer” which reached number 60 kn the famous Billboard charts.

In 1966 the Enchanters disbanded and Butler had a minor hit with the featured track ” The Right Track” but shortly after he left the Okeh label. Billy Butler was a talented guitarist and worked on many sessions especially for brother Jerry.


After leaving Okeh he formed Infinity a new group to back his singing and they had modest success without setting the world on fire. It was becoming clear that Butler’s best work was for the Okeh label and his 60’s output – as well as “The Right Track” he made some top records like ” I’ll Bet You”, ” Burning Touch of Love”, ” Sweet Darling” and “Get on the Case”.

Billy Butler was also a talented songwriter and wrote songs for not only Jerry Butler but for other top Chicago artists like Major Lance and Gene Chandler.


Sadly, Billy died aged 69 in March 2015, he left the world with a gem of a northern soul record – “The Right Track” will rightly be up there in anyones list of top northern soul records.