Charles Whitehead was born in Norfolk, Virginia in September 1942. He moved away from Virginia in 1968, settling in New York City. A songwriter and singer – Whitehead signed for Dynamo records which was a subsidiary of Musicor.

It was during this time that Whitehead met with Jerry Williams – who was also known as Swamp Dogg. The pair hit it off and began to write songs for Dee Dee Warwick and Doris Duke among other artists. Gary US. Bonds had a hand in some of the songwriting at that time.


Jerry Williams left Dynamo soon to be followed by the disillusioned Charlie Whitehead – very unhappy that he only released one single with Dynamo. Both artists found themselves at Canyon records. During 1970, Whitehead released an album under the name of Raw Spitt an album written and produced by Jerry Williams. One track – “Songs to sing” was released as a single on United Artists.

Whitehead and Williams were becoming a partnership but not as artists, with Whitehead releasing some records under his own name for the Williams owned label Stone Dogg. 1973 saw Whitehead release an album on another Williams label – this time on Fungus records. 


A r’n’b hit single “Love Being Your Fool” was released in 1975 with a further album “Whitehead  at Yellowstone” on the shelves two years later. After that album Whitehead seemed to fade from view with most likely concentrating on songwriting and working closely with Jerry Williams/Swamp Dogg in the many projects he was involved in.


Charlie Whitehead died in June 2015 and will be remembered for being a fascinating figure in the soul music world. He was not the usual slick soul singer and his partnership with the eccentric Jerry Williams fitted like a glove. The featured track is a huge favourite of mine, at over five minutes it is quite long for a single but I just love to play this track…..often very loud. If you like soul music that is a bit different then check out Charlie Whitehead.