This post will be a brief one – not because I can’t be bothered to write anything, purely that there is very little known of The Lovations.

There are conflicting stories that the girls are from Washington DC or from Pittsburgh with the latter being most likely. The label is usually a clue but not in all cases – this being so, the group is probably from the Pittsburgh area.

So, what about this record? I bought this record a long time ago, maybe the mid to late seventies… idea about the group, so as we tend to do I bought the single because of a hunch.

When I got it home, I put it on my music centre (remember those? ) and from the very beginning the sound was amazing. The song itself is similar to the kind the British reggae lovers rock – singers would sing, but there the similarity ends.

I like this record immensely and have it now on mp3, played whenever I get in that northern soul mood. Before I moved to the Philippines I sold all my vinyl records, including this one….same label as on the video. This record fetched me £45, not that £45 is of great value but it does show that people out there are interested in quality recordings and I have hesitation in saying this a quality recording, despite being on a small label.

No picture of the artists this time, but as the record is so good, it is worth sharing without a picture of the artists.