The self proclaimed “Funkiest man alive” – Rufus Thomas was born in Mississippi in 1917 before moving to Memphis as a toddler and his early careet was as a dancer – a tap dancer no less, performing in vaudeville shows.

He started recording in the early 1950’s finding success some years later. He became a radio DJ in 1951 playing blues and R’n’B with his own presenting style.

The 1960′ saw Rufus at Stax and he recorded with his 17 year old daughter Carla – who herself would go on to become a major recording artist.

Through the late sixties and seventies Rufus Thomas found great success on the famous STAX label with clasdic records like “The Funky Chicken”, “The Breakdown”, “Do the push and pull”, “Walming the dog” and the featured track “The Memphis Train”.

His recordings were very much influenced by his early dancing career with his records featuring a dance around his songs.

Rufus Thomas died in 2001 in Memphis and he will be remembered for injecting fun into music as well as fantastic records like “The Memphis Train”.